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There's always wine to be tasted at Premier Wine & Spirits on Maple Road in Amherst. We have four state-of-the-art wine dispensers in the store that are always filled with great selections from our staff! Our free tasting classes, held in our beautiful and spacious classroom, are a fun way to experience and learn about new wines.

May 2017


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Wine Mind Tasting Classes
An in-depth exploration of a theme with tasting in our in-store Education Center.
Producer Samplings
Our vendor partners sample their wines and spirits in-store.
Reserve Room Tastings
Special high-end wine or spirit tastings in our Reserve Room.
Premier Flights
Our Wine Guides pour a flight of wines illustrating a particular theme; at our in-store tasting center.
On the Town
Wine-related events held by community groups and recommended by Premier.

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Upcoming Events

at Premier Wine and Spirits, 3900 Maple Rd, Amherst, NY 14226

  • May 28 1:00PM


    Skyy Vodka »

    1pm - 4pm

  • Jun 01 6:30PM

    Wine Mind

    White Wines for Warm Weather »

    Summer is almost here and with it, the need for a supply of white wines. With people stopping by on the spur of the moment, invitations to impromptu picnics and such, you always need a bottle of wine on hand. And how nice is it to have a choice of chilled whites to open on a sunny day? They come in all guises, from crisp and dry to fruity and aromatic. Let us help you discover some new wines for summer sipping!

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  • Jun 02 4:00PM


    Fulkerson Wines »

    4pm - 7pm

  • Jun 06 6:30PM

    Wine Mind

    Aberlour Single Malt Whiskies »

    Steeped in centuries of legend and surrounded by the dramatic Highland scenery of Ben Rinnes, the village of Aberlour lies at the very heart of Speyside, where the Lour burn joins the River Spey. The exceptionally pure, soft spring water used for making Aberlour whisky is drawn from nearby natural springs. In this special place, the resources of nature and the founder’s passion for making the best single malt combine to make the generously multi-layered whiskies of Aberlour. Featured whiskies: 12yr, 16yr & A'Bunadha.

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  • Jun 13 6:30PM

    Wine Mind

    Italian Wines from Castello di Querceto »

    The renowned single vineyard wines of Castello di Querceto allow consumers to sample this historic Tuscan terroir. Crafted using generations of winemaking experience, these wines are magnificent examples of the international taste profile of the Super Tuscan movement. For the Francois family, Castello di Querceto is not only a family legacy, but a family passion. A respect for the land and a dedication to quality resides in every bottle of this prestigious wine line.

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  • Jun 15 6:30PM

    Wine Mind

    Tommyrotter Distillery »

    The Tommyrotters’ Club was a band of rebellious artisans in the early 20th century who broke rank from the Arts and Crafts Movement to create for creation’s sake. They sought adventure, mischief and inspiration in nature. Honoring their industrious spirit of back, hand and heart, Tommyrotter Distillery crafts small batch spirits using American grains. We are located in Buffalo, New York’s historic Hydraulics manufacturing district.

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  • Jun 20 6:30PM

    Wine Mind

    Experience Paul John, The Great Indian Single Malt »

    Come take a sip of the soul of India. Revel in the golden brilliance of its tropical climate, marvel at its vivid diversity and discover new facets of this vibrant land. Explore our expressions that are inspired by India, crafted with immense mastery and redolent with indigenous flavors. Our distillery is located in Goa, a Portuguese colony on the western coast of India. The warm, tropical climate of the region plays a unique role in our maturation process, lending a distinct character to our Single Malts.

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  • Jun 22 6:30PM

    Wine Mind

    Refreshing Wines for Warm Weather Sipping »

    More than any other season, summer seems to require rethinking one's approach to wine. While a crisp white can have an icy snap that's equally appealing in July or January, the reds of winter feel overwhelmingly heavy when the sun is high and the weather's hot. During the summer, lightness and a refreshing simplicity trump almost any other consideration. Here are five wines for warmer weather: Burgans Albariño, Radley & Finch Chenin Blanc, Lorenza Rose, Montinore Pinot Noir & Hazana Rioja

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  • Jun 27 6:30PM

    Wine Mind

    Best Wines for Summer Gatherings »

    Summer is the perfect time for gatherings—to grill and sit out on the patio and enjoy the sunshine. Whether you’re planning an al fresco dinner party, backyard barbecue or outdoor picnic, warm weather parties beg for vibrant rosés, crisp whites and soft reds. This season you’ll find a variety of wines to enjoy at your many summer festivities — and all at incredibly affordable prices.

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