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There's always wine to be tasted at Premier Wine & Spirits on Maple Road in Amherst. We have four state-of-the-art wine dispensers in the store that are always filled with great selections from our staff! Our free tasting classes, held in our beautiful and spacious classroom, are a fun way to experience and learn about new wines.

January 2019


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Wine Mind Tasting Classes
An in-depth exploration of a theme with tasting in our in-store Education Center.
Producer Samplings
Our vendor partners sample their wines and spirits in-store.
Reserve Room Tastings
Special high-end wine or spirit tastings in our Reserve Room.
Premier Flights
Our Wine Guides pour a flight of wines illustrating a particular theme; at our in-store tasting center.
On the Town
Wine-related events held by community groups and recommended by Premier.

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Upcoming Events

at Premier Wine and Spirits, 3900 Maple Rd, Amherst, NY 14226

  • Feb 17 1:00PM


    Deltetto, Cassalina, Muralia, and Benanti Wines »

    1pm - 4pm

  • Feb 21 6:30PM

    Wine Mind

    Rum for Whiskey Drinkers »

    Sensing a trend, some of the larger rum brands have recently created a number of limited releases with various spins, targeted at the educated consumer. If you’re a whisky lover, aged rum offers a lot to relate to. Both are brown spirits with depths of character and spectra of flavors that make them ideal for unending hours of enjoyment and reflection. Featured rums: Foursquare Premise, Don Papa and Privateer Navy Yard.

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  • Feb 28 6:30PM

    Wine Mind

    Three Chord Bourbon & Cocktail Class »

    Three Chord Bourbon is a unique blend of bourbons that have been aged up to 12 years. The resulting blend is then finished with a trademarked process of tonal vibrations called 'Perfectly Tuned Taste' that adds a layer of richness to the bourbon. In this class, we'll taste the bourbon and go through some delicious cocktails that can be created with it.

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  • Mar 07 6:30PM

    Wine Mind

    Red Wines from Central Coast California »

    The largest and perhaps most varied of California’s wine-growing regions, the Central Coast produces a good majority of the state's wine. This vast district stretches from San Francisco all the way to Santa Barbara along the coast, and reaches inland nearly all the way to the Central Valley. The Central Coast is home to many of the state's small, artisanal wineries crafting unique, high-quality wines, as well as larger producers also making exceptional wines. Warm up and drink some hearty red wines! Guest Presenter, Phil Colarusso.

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  • Mar 12 6:30PM

    Wine Mind

    Boundary Breaks, Highly-Rated Finger Lakes Winery »

    Seneca Lake is the deepest of the eleven Finger Lakes in Central New York. The lake, and the glacier that created it, make it possible to grow grape varieties that otherwise would not survive the cold winters. The lakes also make it possible to produce world-class wines from varieties that are known to flourish in cooler climates. Cool-climate varieties include Riesling, Gewurztraminer and Cabernet Franc. At Boundary Breaks, they grow each of these varieties and produce wines that express the full range of styles that are possible from such classic grapes.

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  • Mar 14 6:30PM

    Wine Mind

    New & Intriguing Wines from Italy »

    With so much variety in grapes and such a range of options, Italy is no doubt the hot spot for lots of innovation and unique wines. Almost all of the internationally renowned Italian wines are made with local grapes not used elsewhere. With so many regions, and so many producers using so many unique varietals, the chances of something amazing happening are high. As always, Marco Irato brings us wonderful new wines to enjoy!

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